Hang-gliding calendar 2014

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Hang-gliding calendar 2014

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Hi All
I know it's a bit near his deadline (Oct 31st) but if anyone still has hang-gliding photos of high quality,or if you're in the market for a 2014 calendar, the message below may be of interest:

SvS Design

I would like to design the Hangglider Calendar 2014, my 8th Calendar so far. Without the help of you, the hanggliders, this would be impossible. Since my last newsletter I received around 60% of the necessary pictures.... so almost there !

The deadline for sending is October 31th. But I hope to have enough pictures before this date, so I can move designing and printing to an earlier date.

During the past years I received some comments and I decided to try a change. One of them is to reward the ones sending the best pictures for the Hangglider Calendar:

- The front image: ISAW A1 Action Camera
- The main image of the month: Free Calendar

Last weekend the new webshop went online. I tried to have it on an existing domain, but this server wasn't good enough for a Magento Webshop, so I registered a domain name for it:
It contains October Discounts, multiple copy discount and reduced sending costs.
The Hangglider pictures can be send to sander@svs-design.nl. Please include the pilots- and photographers name as well as the location where the picture is taken.
If the amount of data is really large, you could use Wetransfer.com.

Sander van Schaik
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