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Cross-country Flying League 2004

This competition is now closed.
You can browse the flights in the tables below - all distances are in Km:


Pilot League

#Pilot nameTotalBestGlider
1Keith Colder 182.9 62.2Open distance Ozone Vulcan 11.1Open distance 22.7Open distance 37.1Open distance 10.2Open distance 45.1Open distance 7.7Open distance 15.5Open distance 8.2Open distance 25.5Open distance
2dave edwards 108.0 53.3Open distance Sky Brontes 53.3Open distance 18.1Open distance 10.3Open distance 19.4Open distance 6.9Open distance
3Matthew Cook 75.9 75.4Open distanceTrack available in flight details Ozone Vulcan M 53.2Open distance 5.5Open distance 17.1Open distance
4Andrew Cartwright 54.4 17.9Open distance Gin Oasis L 13.8Open distance 4.9Open distance 13.9Open distance 6.4Open distance 9.5Open distance 6.0Open distance
5Stuart Lloyd 53.6 42.8Open distance Mac Eden 2 11.9Open distance 7.3Open distance 8.5Open distance 8.1Open distance 17.8Open distance
6Jamie McRae 44.6 33.5Open distance Nova Carbon M 18.3Open distance 11.6Open distance 14.7Open distance
7Tim Salter 32.8 26.3Open distance Gradient Onyx 26 5.2Open distance 8.9Open distance 11.2Open distance 7.4Out and return
8Ian Home 27.9 26.4Open distance Gradient Onyx 24 13.8Open distance 6.9Open distance 7.3Open distance
9Jerry Hazzard 26.4 18.4Open distance Nova Carbon M 13.5Open distance 12.9Open distance
10Jonathan Bielby 14.1 26.0Open distance Gin Bandit M 14.1Open distance
11David Edwards 13.6 57.1Open distance Sky Brontes 13.6Open distance
12Pete Cook 10.0 36.9Open distanceTrack available in flight details Nova Xray 24 10.0Open distance
13Ben Bailey 8.5 8.5Open distance Gradient Golden 26 8.5Open distance
14Tim Higginbottom 8.0 12.5Open distance Airwave Fusion 8.0Open distance
15Clive Mills 5.9 16.9Open distance Nova Carbon M 5.9Open distance
16Martin Kendall 0.0 12.3Open distance
17Gavin Dale 0.0 39.2Open distance
18Noel Humphreys 0.0 75.7Open distance
19Jack Evans 0.0 28.1Open distance
20Ian Fawcett 0.0 10.7Open distance
21Pete Barker 0.0 20.0Open distance
TOTAL 666.6

Flights by Date

DateTotalChartsSite(s)1 2 3 4 5 6 7
18/02 13.6 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 13.6Open distance
23/02 78.8 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 78.8Open distance
18/04 65.4 Charts: 00H 24H Moel yr Accre 34.4Open distance 31.0Open distance
22/04 180.1 Charts: 00H 24H Moel yr Accre 180.1Open distance
23/04 37.1 Charts: 00H 24H Moel yr Accre 11.7Open distance 14.3Open distance 11.1Open distance
24/04 29.5 Charts: 00H 24H Llantysilio Mountain 5.2Open distance
Gyrn Moelfre 24.2Open distance
25/04 49.2 Charts: 00H 24H Llantysilio Mountain 22.7Open distance
Gyrn Moelfre 26.5Open distanceTrack available in flight details
07/05 42.1 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 42.1Open distance
15/05 14.1 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 14.1Open distance
16/05 38.0 Charts: 00H 24H Gyrn Moelfre 12.5Open distance 13.0Open distance 12.5Open distance
18/05 191.8 Charts: 00H 24H Moel yr Accre 191.8Open distance
21/05 43.0 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 13.4Open distance 29.5Out and return
22/05 330.8 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 37.1Open distance 53.2Open distance 53.3Open distance 45.3Open distanceTrack available in flight details 35.7Open distance 88.0Open distance 18.3Open distance
23/05 157.4 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 18.1Open distance 10.2Open distance 8.0Open distance 13.8Open distance 69.1Triangle 26.6Triangle 11.6Open distance
24/05 32.1 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 32.1Out and return
25/05 29.5 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 8.9Open distance 6.9Open distance 13.8Open distance
02/06 100.5 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 47.7Open distance 52.8Open distance
06/06 15.2 Charts: 00H 24H Moel yr Accre 10.3Open distance
Great Orme 4.9Open distance
13/06 27.1 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 21.5Open distance 5.5Open distance
22/06 13.5 Charts: 00H 24H Llantysilio Mountain 13.5Open distance
25/06 100.9 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 11.2Open distance 12.9Open distance 45.1Open distance 11.9Open distance 5.9Open distance 13.9Open distance
13/07 7.7 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 7.7Open distance
31/07 53.7 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 7.4Out and return 15.5Open distance 17.1Open distance 7.3Open distance 6.4Open distance
01/08 17.7 Charts: 00H 24H Llantysilio Mountain 8.2Open distance 9.5Open distance
07/08 186.3 Charts: 00H 24H Llantysilio Mountain 25.5Open distance 14.7Open distance 8.5Open distance 8.5Open distance 19.4Open distance
Gyrn Moelfre 16.1Open distance 34.3Open distance 7.3Open distance 10.0Open distance 42.0Open distance
15/08 14.1 Charts: 00H 24H Moel Famau 8.1Open distance 6.0Open distance
21/08 230.2 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 205.6Open distance 17.8Open distance 6.9Open distance
27/08 20.2 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 9.8Open distance 10.4Open distance
15/09 36.7 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 16.5Open distance 20.2Open distance
24/09 51.6 Charts: 00H 24H Llangollen 51.6Open distance

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