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Penycloddiau West Site Guide

Quick reference

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OS Map Location SJ125678 (Landranger, Sheet 116)
NOTAM reference Unknown (provisional)
Aerial Photo Aerial photo (1:25000)
Wind direction(s) SW - W
Take-off Height(s) 1220ft ( 371m)
Top to Bottom 700ft ( 213m)
Restrictions unknown
Min. Pilot Rating None
XC Potential Good to W & S, but restricted airspace downwind
Airspace Class A at 3000ft (920m) 1 mile to E. Clear to W
Non-member fee/day none
Paraglider Distance Record 25.2 Km by Noel Humphreys on 25/10/1997 details...

Site distance records are provisional. If you know of longer flights, please e-mail the webmaster at

Site Description

A spacious site suitable for both hang gliders and paragliders, Penycloddiau West offers good thermal flying with occasional wave action. However, XC downwind is limited by the coast being only 10 miles / 16k away. The site may be affected by NW sea breezes. Because the fields near the base of the hill all slope, bottom landing areas are difficult, and hang gliders should treat this site as one for top landings only. During weekdays, fast jets may over-fly the area; also be alert for sailplanes on the ridge from the gliding club two miles WNW of take-off.


Either at map reference SH121689 as for Penycloddiau East, or at Fron Gelyn Farm (map reference SJ119673) Ask Mr Cattel where to park. Alternatively, drive north past Fron Gelyn and take the first right up the hill (a very rough track!) past Finger Cottage. Turn right at the T junction and park in the field next to the track after the second gate (in area of map reference SJ120678). Do not attempt to drive any higher up.


From map reference SH121689 - as for Penycloddiau East by continue to the old hill fort and then bear right to the take-off area. From map reference SJ119673 - about half a mile / 1k and 300ft / 100m gain of height to the take-off area.

Takeoff and Top Landing

Take-off for paragliders is straightforward, as should be top landing, but it can be difficult to get down if the hill is working well as the PG 'top landing' are isn't at the top! HG pilots will need to land well back behind take-off, on top of the hill.

Bottom Landing

For paragliders, in the fields shown on the site map. Because of sloping fields and trees around field boundaries, are the norm in the bottom landing areas, hang gliders are advised to avoid using these bottom landing fields, and either to top land or land further out in the Clwyd Vale, in the field at map reference SJ114670 for which landing permission has been arranged. (Note that this field is 1km in front of take-off and the surrounding fields all have power lines crossing them. Landings can also be made in the field to the west of the road at the bottom opposite Fron Gelyn farm in front of take-off, but beware - a power line crosses it!

Site Map

Site map