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OS Map Location SJ169529 (Landranger, Sheet 116)
NOTAM reference 7.023 (provisional)
Aerial Photo Aerial photo (1:25000)
Wind direction(s) WSW - WNW
Takeoff Height(s) 1400ft ( 426m)
Top to Bottom 300ft ( 91m)
Restrictions unknown
Min. Pilot Rating Club Pilot
XC Potential Fair. Limiting airspace downwind
Airspace Class A at 4500ft (1380m). Clears quickly to S & W
Non-member fee/day none
Paraglider Distance Record 75.7 Km by Noel Humphreys on 02/08/2003 details...
Hang glider Distance Record 224.0 Km by Carl Wallbank on 09/05/2003 details...

Site distance records are provisional. If you know of longer flights, please e-mail the webmaster at

Site Description

Locally known as Fron Heulog, Moel yr Accre is the most southerly mountain of the Clwydian range. Suitable for both paragliding and hang gliding. The ridge is 1km long with a saddle joining the two peaks. This can cause a venturi, so watch out when the breeze gets up!

Moel yr Accre offers good soaring as the face is quite steep: it's actually a very gentle bowl. Best wind direction is WNW, but we've also had some very good days when the wind was almost SW and NW. In the summer a sea breeze convergence often occurs on or near the site, particularly when the wind is off to the south. The site occasionally benefits from wave.


Park at grid reference SJ174532. Park in the field next to / north of the gate for Brenhille Bach farm. Park either side of the gate, but leave access clear for the farmer and other fliers. Be sure to close the gate. Members are no longer permitted to drive to the top of the ridge to unload.


Quite steep and quite long for hang gliders. Walk straight up the hill from the car, bearing generally to the left to reach the top fence and cross at the stile for take-off area A (grid reference SJ170530) and to the right for the NW take-off area C, beneath the 'Wendy Windblows' mast (grid reference SJ166533).

Takeoff and Top Landing

Take-offs and top landings are normally made from area A. Beware the fence and wall behind take-off: it is quite close to the hill edge. In a strong wind, paragliders may find it better to land behind the fence and wall in area B. High performance hang gliders may also find landings easier behind the fence. Take-off area C is at the foot of the 'gorse-line' beneath and to the west of the WW mast

Bottom Landing

Plenty of bottom landing areas, but beware - most of them slope. Field 1 may rotor when the wind is to the north. When the wind is off to the south, fields 2 and 3 suffer with strong wind gradient due to the up-slope. Fields 3 and 4 are the favoured bottom landing areas for hang gliders. Landings may also be made in the field beneath take-off point C.


On a weak soaring day the site is quite busy with only four gliders flying. Hang gliders bottom landing: beware of the long walk out via the road route, or be prepared to carry back up the face of the hill. Local residents request that pilots should not overfly houses at low level when going over the back.

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Site map