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Please read the general information about all sites in conjunction with this guide.

OS Map Location SJ237404 (Landranger, Sheet 117)
NOTAM reference 7.012 (provisional)
Aerial Photo Aerial photo (1:100000)
Wind direction(s) NW - N
Take-off Height(s) 1150ft ( 350m)
Top to Bottom 900ft ( 274m)
Restrictions unknown
Min. Pilot Rating Club Pilot + 10 Hours
XC Potential Good
Airspace Class A at FL65 above take-off and 4500ft (1380m) 1 mile north. Clear to S.
Non-member fee/day £3.00 Pay here...
Paragliding Earth
(Including flight simulator)
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Paraglider Distance Record 09/07/2015 Matthew Cook 122.3Km
Hang glider Distance Record 21/08/2004 Carl Wallbank 205.6Km

Site distance records are provisional. If you know of longer flights, please e-mail the webmaster at

Site Description

A bowl shaped site three-quarters of a mile across offering excellent soaring and cross- country potential. Due to its size and location, thermals on this site can be accompanied by extreme turbulence. Check with experienced pilots before flying, to make sure conditions are suitable.

Experienced pilots contacting wave should remember that Controlled Airspace starts at FL65 above take-off. Also, when following thermals back (to southward), be wary of rotor if you have to land in any of the fields behind the ridge. Fly with extreme caution if the wind is off to the west, particularly when top landing. Strong winds off to the west can create significant turbulance.


• We now prefer you to park on the southern perimeter of the landing field, accessed through the double field gate a little to the east of the surfaced lay-by / 300m east of the stile.

• Please be aware that there is usually stock in the field: don’t let animals escape. Drive them away from the gate before opening it and close the gate as soon as you can once in the field,
before parking. (And, of course, close and secure it behind you when you leave).

• Please park at right angles to the wall / fence on either side of the entry gate, but leave a clear route into the field so the farmer can bring machinery
in and to allow other visitors to park in a further row if necessary. Please park vehicles close together

• You may also drive along the field edge towards the stile we use for access if parking at the roadside, and park near the quarry but be advised that the ground in this area can be soft after rain.
Please do not drive across the field towards the gate into the take-off area.

• It is accepted that this change means a longer walk to take-off – but you may be able to land closer to your car! Hang-glider pilots may wish to park
briefly on the road near the stile to offload gliders into the field, then park up in the field.

• Parking at the roadside may continue, but this should be limited to about a dozen vehicles, with others then parking within the landing field. Park with all wheels off the road surface.


Easy! From the car, carry westward across the field & go through a gate.
Go through this gate and close it behind you! Rig on the flat area directly
behind take-off.

Take-off and Top Landing

Take-off direction is obvious! When only a few are flying, paragliders may top land in the take-off field (beware of the fences and the ponds!)
but the field immediately to the east - along the side of which you walk to get from the road to the take-off ridge - is the main landing field
and offers a larger and safer landing area.
Leave the centre ridge of the field for hang-gliders landing. If the wind has shifted to the west, maintain speed all the way down to the ground.

Avoid flying low and landing behind the trees at the south side of the road - severe rotor can occur here.

Bottom Landing

Top to bottom flights will be tolerated by the farmers at the foot of the
hill, provided you can control your glider enough to land in one of the designated
fields. Please do not land in any field containing cattle or sheep and do not overfly or land in fields occupied by horses.


On good flying days, the site can become very busy with many visitors, and additional marshalling controls may be applied.

Because sheep regularly graze in both take-off and top landing areas, the landowner has stipulated that dogs are not permitted on this site.

The twin aerials to the west are an obvious risk.

Beware of wind rotor behind tree lines along the ridge and south of the road. Hang-gliders should be aware of the risk of wind-shear between the road and the first third of the landing area.

Site Map

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