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Gyrn Moelfre Site Guide

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Please read the general information about all sites in conjunction with this guide.

OS Map Location SJ184295 (Landranger, Sheet 125)
NOTAM reference 7.081 (provisional)
Aerial Photo Aerial photo (1:100000)
Wind direction(s) S to SE and W
Take-off Height(s) SSE face: 1300ft ( 396m) , W face: 1450ft ( 441m)
Top to Bottom SSE face: 600ft ( 182m) , W face: 750ft ( 228m)
Restrictions unknown
Min. Pilot Rating Club Pilot
XC Potential Fair
Airspace Class A at 4500ft (1380m) 3 miles to N
Non-member fee/day none
Paragliding Earth
(Including flight simulator)
New details
Paraglider Distance Record 16/03/2010 Pete Cook 36.9Km
Hang glider Distance Record 15/04/1989 Roland Eaves 80.5Km

Site distance records are provisional. If you know of longer flights, please e-mail the webmaster at

Site Description

This site can become thermic and has two flyable faces, SSE and W.


Most vehicles park in the Bottom Landing Field. Turn right into farmyard immediately to the east of Moelfre Hall Farm (grid reference SJ187283), and pass through two gates (shut them behind you) and park to the left of the track in the field after the second gate.


Both faces are approached by a steep and rough track starting at Moelfre Hall Farm - grid reference SJ187283.
Two wheel drive cars should not attempt to drive up to the take-off sites. The track forks at the top - turn right for the SE face and left for the W.
The SE launch area is adjacent to the top parking area with no further carry up involved.

An arduous walk up to the SSE ridge let alone the summit - even for paragliders! 4x4 vehicles may be used to ascend the track to ferry pilots and wings
to the SSE and/or Summit / West face take-off areas. Two wheel drive cars should not attempt to drive up to the take-off sites. After the steep climb,
the track turns right and then forks - turn right for the
lower SSE face and left and upwards for the Summit and West face.

The SSE launch has its own small parking area adjacent to the wall on the left - see site map - so no further carry-up is involved.

The Summit and West face: While parking is possible at the summit, it is anticipated that vehicles would be used only to carry pilots up, and would not
be left at the summit once all gliders have launched.

Note: Use of a westerly take-off site, lower down and overlooking an old quarry, is no longer supported by the Club.

Take-off and Top Landing

SSE face: PG and HG launch is straightforward but PG top-landing requires care, particularly if the wind is off to east or west, because of turbulence.
If in doubt, go down. Top landing for HGs is extremely challenging and should be avoided. Do not land over the fence / wall to the east of take-off –
we do not have permission to use that land.

Summit South face: offers both PGs and HGs an easy take-off into south easterly to southerly winds. Top landing is possible with care, but why would you
want to? It’s a launch site rather than a landing site.

Summit West Face: The west face of the summit is definitely not a site for inexperienced pilots. The lift band is surprisingly narrow and care is needed
when several gliders are flying. Sink can be experienced above the quarry to the south and lower down the ridge. Take-off is from the very top, over
the fence by the Trig Point. Top landing is possible but with care as rotor can be expected in anything above minimal wind strength.

Bottom Landing

For convenience, and from either launch point, both PGs and HGs should use the main bottom landing field where cars are parked. The bottom landing field is
easily reached by all gliders flying from the summit in southerly winds, and from the lower SSE take-off: just ensure you have enough height to clear the
trees on the northern boundary of the landing field! Note that this field slopes slightly downhill to the south, so crosswind / uphill landings are sometimes
required and this can be a problem for faster HGs.

They are therefore advised to consider landing at the Llansilin village landing field (SJ208281) which can be reached by high performance HGs if they leave
the hill at the level of the lower SSE take-off.

If flying the West face, the landing field is at Pantglas Isaf Farm (SJ175294). Land in the second field above (west) of the track leading to the farm.


This site can be strongly thermic and turbulent if the wind is not directly onto the slope.

The Gyrn site is also used by a paragliding school. Extra care should be taken when paraglider students are present.

Site Map

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