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OS Map Location SH733763 (Landranger, Sheet 115)
NOTAM reference 7.009 (provisional)
Aerial Photo Aerial photo (1:25000)
Wind direction(s) NE and NW
Take-off Height(s) NE face: 1000ft ( 304m) , NW face: 1000ft ( 304m)
Top to Bottom NE face: 1000ft ( 304m) , NW face: 1000ft ( 304m)
Restrictions Members only at all times
Min. Pilot Rating Club Pilot
XC Potential Limited - possible to south and west
Airspace None but within Valley AIAA
Non-member fee/day none

Site Description

Foel Lûs is situated on the north coast of Wales, east of and overlooking Penmaenmawr. Just over 360m / 1,100ft high, Foel Lûs offers a good top to bottom flight off the nose of the hill, and has soarable faces in both NE and NW winds. If lucky, there is the chance of a 'ridge run' towards Bangor, though the latter does entail some tricky 'jumps' and avoidance of several power lines.


At the end of the surfaced road you will be on the side of the hill facing seaward, close to two prominent stone gateposts (Map reference SH731759). Meanwhile, the track turns sharply inland and on uphill. Park by these gateposts but do not block the track. Alternatively, if your vehicle has the ground clearance, drive on up the track, take the first left turn and park in the patch of ground marked out by stones.


From the gateposts, carry up the track until you find a clear footpath bearing left. Follow footpaths towards the summit and then seek a suitable take off point according to the wind direction. From the upper park the footpath towards the summit is obvious.

Takeoff and Top Landing

Take off should be straightforward. Top landing is possible with care, especially in lifty or scratchy conditions.

Bottom Landing

The landing area is the beach and for convenience, close to the footbridge over the railway near the Little Chef restaurant (map ref: SH777734). Check the state of the tide first - there is little beach left at high tide. Leave yourself enough height to safely cross the A55 dual carriageway and the railway track! Do not plan to land elsewhere.


The dangers of the sea, railway and dual carriageway should be obvious.

The former bottom landing next to the Little Chef marked on previous site guides should NOT be used.

Site Map

Site map