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Flying Sites and the NWHGPC Area

NEW March 2017

Flying at the south of the Clwydian Range is now affected by the new Hawarden RMZ. Please see
the Letter of Agreement we have negotiated which eases the restrictions that we are subject to.

NWHGPC now has an open access policy to its flying sites where visitors are current BHPA registered pilots qualified to CP and above, and there are no extra restrictions imposed by landowners.


Please contact one of the club officers if you are a visiting pilot. A small onsite fee may be payable where the NWHGPC has to pay for site usage. This fee effectively gives temporary NWHGPC membership. You may be asked for this fee by an NWHGPC member who will request your name and address and ask to see your current BHPA membership

Be sure to read the general information below, then use the map above to navigate to the guides for each of the sites.

Site List

Please use this information in conjunction with the site guide.

Site Name Status Links
Thurstaston Open YouTube video
Great Orme Open
Penmaenbach Open YouTube video
Foel Lûs Open YouTube video
Penycloddiau East Open.
Penycloddiau West As Penycloddiau East
Moel Famau Open. Permit required from Denbighshire Countryside Service. YouTube video
Moel Accre Open.
Moel y Faen Open
Llantysilio Mountain Open YouTube video
Llangollen Open. YouTube video
Gyrn Moelfre Open YouTube video

View a site tour in YouTube

Before Going to North Wales Sites

RAF Valley in Anglesey is home of the RAF fast jet training school and North Wales is a training zone for low level flight. Aircraft fly below hilltop height. If you propose to fly any of the Club Sites mid-week, you are strongly advised to inform the Civil Aviation Authority.

Telephone the CAA on the Freephone NOTAM line: 0800 515544. Give them site position (full grid reference as in the 'At a
glance' data box for the site) and stress the importance of passing the information on to RAF Valley.

Site Behaviour

A lot of hard work has gone into negotiating our sites, so please follow our instructions to the letter. Some Club Sites have restrictions imposed by the landowner, so read the accompanying notes carefully.

Observe the Country Code. Although many of our sites may look isolated and deserted, this is a closely-knit community and people will be watching you even if you cannot see them. So be extra careful, do not climb walls or fences even if it means a longer walk. Use the gates, and be sure to close them after use, even if you are coming back in five minutes - this is more than enough time for livestock to get out. As a general rule, please do not bring dogs onto our sites: but if you do, please keep them on a lead. Take your litter home with you.

Of course, there are many hills and mountains in North Wales that do not feature in our Site Guide. Should you decide to have a go at flying any of them, at least make sure you have the prior approval of the landowner concerned.

Inconsiderate use and parking of vehicles causes a lot of trouble at our sites. The following rules regarding them must be observed:

  1. Do not under any circumstances drive or park more than 15 yards off the road or track.
  2. Do not park or leave your car such that it obstructs any gate or lane where it may impede the passage of a tractor or HGV.
  3. Do not drive on any track unless you are sure it is marked as a vehicular right of way on the Ordnance Survey Map.

Directions to Club Sites

The OS Map Number and Grid Reference for each Club Site is the first item given in the 'At a glance' site data box on the pages for each site. We leave it to you to navigate your way to the parking area for your chosen site. In all cases, a better idea of each site (and its approaches) can be obtained by study of the appropriate OS map, which if reading this guide via the Club Website, can opened from the links given in the ‘Quick Reference’ section of this guide.

Weather Forecasts

Wendy Windblows: This service has 28 weather stations set up in popular hang gliding and paragliding areas around the British Isles. The Moel Accre station is next to one of our flying sites. By calling the nearest 'Wendy' station(s) to where you wish to fly, you can get a current weather picture for the area and a report of how the weather has changed at 30 minute intervals over the last 90 minutes. Thus the weather trends for the day can be determined. You have to register and pay a modest annual fee to use the 'Wendy Windblows'.
For details and how to subscribe see Wendy Windblows .

You can also find links to useful sources of weather information on the Web on the links page.

Soaring - the Rules of the Ridge

Naturally, there are going to be times when the air is crowded with other flyers, we therefore expect every flyer to be familiar with the flying rules issued by the BHPA.

  1. Look Around - never remain looking in one direction for more than two or three seconds. Always be aware of the position and movement of other gliders. Look before you turn.
  2. Break Right - in an imminent 'head on' collision situation, alter your course to your right.

Give Way to Gliders

  1. on your right.
  2. that are turning.
  3. that are below you.

Keep 100 Feet Apart

- when converging from any direction:

  1. slow your closing speed.
  2. turn away.

Medical Aid

Should an accident occur, the nearest hospitals that have casualty units open every day can be found at LLANDUDNO, BANGOR, BODELWYDDAN, CHESTER, WREXHAM and SHREWSBURY. If an injury is serious, call an ambulance rather than go looking for a hospital. IN AN EMERGENCY, DIAL 999

And Finally... We wish you safe and happy flying in North Wales. Please co-operate with us, and 'We'll keep a welcome on the hillside'.

This Site Guide was updated in June 2011 by the Club Committee and with the assistance and local knowledge of other Club Members. It is accurate to the best of the Club’s knowledge but corrections and suggestions for its improvement would be welcome - contact the Webmaster or the Club Secretary.