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Flight Details

Pilot name:Paul Burke
Glider:Ozone Delta
Date / Time:2017-09-02 13:50:00
Takeoff: Panorama witnessed by GPS
Landing:Marchwiel SJ354477 witnessed by GPS
Distance (Km) / Score:12.46 / 12.46
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:4420 33 mins
Flight track: Earth icon View or Fly in Google Earth™
Comments:Took off & straight into a strong thermal, climbed out & decided to go XC, found another thermal about 2 miles downwind, climbed back up & went on a glide towards Wrexham, crossing the A483 then Erddig Estate, all the time trying to find another thermal, only found a couple of beeps on the vario, nothing good enough to climb in. Landed at Bryn-y-gog hall, Marchwiel.