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Flight Details

Pilot name:Paul Burke
Glider:Ozone Delta
Date / Time:2017-07-12 11:40:00
Takeoff: Penycloddiau East witnessed by GPS
Landing:Harlech SH576322 witnessed by GPS
Distance (Km) / Score:65.98 / 65.98
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:5761 225 mins
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Comments:It was an cracking flight, got to penycloddiau about 11ish, the wind was NE & quite light, took off & found a thermal to gain some height with. Stayed with the thermal over the back & was expecting to bomb out in the vale, but found some more lift coming off Llandyrnog, headed inland towards Ruthin where i found another climb up to base. Then it was jumping from cloud to cloud all the way to near Bala where I got low (2400ft), thinking that I was gonna be landing, but managed to find another climb and headed towards Arenig Fawr. At the back of the Arenig was all high moorland & I didn't want to have a mammoth walk out, so headed south towards Llanuwchllyn road, but half way there I found a cracking climb back up to base & that give me enough height to reach Trawsfynydd. The coast at Harlech was in sight now & looked inviting. Got several more climbs heading towards Harlech. When I got to the ridge overlooking Harlech, I hit the sea breeze & my Ground speed went from 35-40k down to 10-15k, with the curtain clouds below me. Pushed on and landed in harlech. Packed up quickly to catch the 4.30pm train from Harlech to Barmouth, then a 2.5hr bus journey from Barmouth to Wrexham.