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Flight Details

Pilot name:Matthew Cook
Glider:Ozone Delta
Date / Time:2015-07-09 11:20:00
Takeoff: Llangollen witnessed by Dave Edwards
Landing:Market Bosworth SK401026 witnessed by Helen Gant
Distance (Km) / Score:122.29 / 122.29
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:4600 362 mins
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Comments:With a possibility of a Llangollen day coming up, and with the forecast winds expected to become more westerly throughout the day, I sent a joke email to Helen Gant with a task taking us cross-wind over the Cheshire Gap, then through the low airspace between Birmingham and East Midlands airports, before flying on to the coast for a 330k flight !For some reason, this became an actual plan. Still not sure how.We launched into the nastiest air I have flown in at Llan, and while Helen and Dave struggled up in weak climbs, Pete Cook bottom landed, and I 'arrived' somewhat ingloriously on the shoulder to the East of take-off. I staggered back up and relaunched into an easy climb - as Dave sank out to the golf course. So far it wasn't looking good.Helen was climbing from low down over Kronospan, so I headed off in search of her climb. She topped out well before me, and I was playing catchup until near the meres in the middle of the gap. From this point it became much easier, with base only around 4000 for a while, but 6 knot climbs being reasonably reliable. Some climbs were a bit lumpier than others, and the comfort of a Delta over Helen's M6 gave me the edge in many climbs.After six hours in the air, and close encounters with a light aircraft and a helicopter along the way, exhaustion got the better of me and I landed at Market Bosworth. Helen (who had been flying for 30 mins longer than me already) then carried on for another two hours, to land at Corby. A straight-line distance of 171.5k, comfortably past the 100 mile mark, and eclipsing Graham Cumming's existing site record.One hell of a good day out, but it seems that a good dollop of luck (in my case) or skill (in Helen's) was needed to get away from the hill.Mr Wallbank, if you're listening, there's even bigger potential distance still to be had