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Flight Details

Pilot name:Keith Colder
Glider:Nivuik Peak 2
Date / Time:2015-03-22 13:30:00
Takeoff: Panorama witnessed by Jerry H and GPS
Landing:near Johnstown SJ278470 witnessed by Dave Edwards and GPS
Distance (Km) / Score:5.39 / 5.39
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:2900 40 mins
Flight track: Earth icon View or Fly in Google Earth™
Comments:Went to Panorama with the aim of first "proper" (thermic) flight of the year. Walked up with Jerry to find Dodge, Charles, Paul B and Ian H already on TO.Winds was very light at first but Dodge launched and went straight up - thermic . Paul and and joined him and it was a little rough low down in front of the rock face - a few tip collapses.Once above the rocks climbs were easy, but topped out around 2800/2900ft due to the inversion.Decided to try a bumble over the back. A few weak thermals, but not enough to climb out. A fire o the moors was an option, but would have needed more height to have explored. We all landed just West of Johnstown and got a taxi back to a pub near the bottom of the hill. Big thanks to Jerry for collecting us from the pub. Not exactly epic , but its a start.