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Flight Details

Pilot name:Pete Cook
Glider:UP Trango2
Date / Time:2012-06-04 15:40:00
Takeoff: Llangollen witnessed by Dave
Landing:Oswestry SJ292304 witnessed by Man walking dog
Distance (Km) / Score:11.37 / 11.37
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:5300 60 mins
Flight track: Earth icon View or Fly in Google Earth™
Comments:Missed the climb with Dave,Matt and Martyn due to messing up a launch and having to secure a reserve pin. Got away on the next cycle. lots and lots of turning without going any where much.Good climb over the castle, into cloud , out again.Big mistake time headed East for sunnier ground, then changed my mind and heade back West then parked up over Oswestry hillfort and lost what must have been a final 1000ft or more. Good fun though on and off the hill .Will try to sort out a tracklog.