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Flight Details

Pilot name:Graham Cummins
Glider:Gradient XC3
Date / Time:2012-05-16 14:00:00
Takeoff: Moel yr Accre witnessed by GPS
Landing:Near Nantwich SJ627473 witnessed by GPS
Distance (Km) / Score:46.14 / 46.14
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:4275 95 mins
Flight track: Earth icon View or Fly in Google Earth™
Comments:Took off after Stuart and within two minutes hit a good solid climb. Dave came over to join me and we were soon up to base at about 3500ft. We managed to climb another couple of hundred feet up the downwind side of the cloud. We then set off on a glide, didnt find anything around llandegla forest so carried on to the end of "world's end" which had some sun on it.We got there very low but I found a few zeros and drifted with it, Dave didnt get in it so landed-sorry Dave! I eventually found the core and was quickly back to base- now up to about 4000ft. Sky not looking good downwind with no sun on the ground so I headed over Wrexham as it was in sunshine and the sky to the North looked better. Another nice climb here back to base. Went on a glide now over the Dee but no sun on the ground downwind and the cloud I had gone for wasn't working so pushed North again to sunnier ground, the next cloud didn't get me more than a couple of hundred feet so pushed North towards some ploughed fields in the sun. Got there and my thermal was nicely marked by a flock of seaguls, back at base and over Malpas now. A massive cloud had formed as I drifted with it so headed to it's downwind edge and away from it. Nothing really to go at now and the cloud that i had just left was now raining so pushed north to the sunny ground and then went downwind but found nothing. Landed 3 miles from Nantwich.Got a text off Dave saying Keith had thrown his reserve but was OK. Keith then very kindly came and picked me and Dave up- THANKS AGAIN KEITH:-)