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Flight Details

Pilot name:Ian Home
Glider:Gradient Montana 24
Date / Time:2012-03-06 11:00:00
Takeoff: Moel Famau witnessed by Stuart Lloyd
Landing:Rhydymwyn SJ207669 witnessed by Tim Salter (en route witness)
Distance (Km) / Score:7.75 / 7.75
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:2680 40 mins
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Comments:Second decent thermal of the day set Stuart Lloyd and me on our way. Unfortunately after about 1200feet of climb said thermal became disorganised and difficult to refind despite Stu and my best efforts. Chased some forming Cu with small success over Cilcain, not a blip over adjacent quarry, and headed for the ground at Rhydymwyn. Watched Stu continue serenely onwards. 2 great hitched lifts back.