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Flight Details

Pilot name:Keith Colder
Glider:Nivuik Peak
Date / Time:2011-08-05 14:40:00
Takeoff: Llangollen witnessed by GPS + Mike Blain
Landing:Shatterford near Kidderminster SO795806 witnessed by GPS + aggresive pirana geese at Shetterford farm
Distance (Km) / Score:81.72 / 81.72
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:4500 200 mins
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Comments:Alone at Llan - alone at base - alone at Kidderminster.Arrived at Llan and despite with wind on the hill there was nobody to be seen! TO was a bit messy due to wind really being off to the West..nothing new. Easy to stay up and nice sky with 5/8th Cu. Took first climb as start was lat ein the day (3.30) and got weal climb and Westerly drift. Headed off to Chrik and seagulls help locate weak climp to get to Oswestry..low so expected to call Pete C for lift via pub. Git a climb and struggled on to Newtown. Got another weak climb and mananged to get to base.There was a frontal situation with a curtain cloud below and just behind a higher line of clourd E to W. Headed for the front and surfed this as best I could. Head towards front the get climb and head directly away once cloud/front started to catch up and envelope you. Fun!Had to use bar plus ears a bit.This was the same stratergy from Rodneys Piller right up to Kidderminster.A really amazing experience with endless climbs and always looking S to the blue sky and N to the "dark side".AS sea breeze fronts normally hace blue sky behind them I began to think that this wasn't a sea breeze front and maybe a weak ocluded or cold front. (I will bow to the wiser).Anyhow a fantastic technical and visually stimulating flight. Only wished I had other pilots to share the experience.Will submit he flight log to comment.Cheers Keith