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Flight Details

Pilot name:Jeremy Hazzard
Glider:Niviuk Hook2
Date / Time:2011-07-12 14:40:00
Takeoff: Llangollen witnessed by Stu Lloyd, Ian Home, etc
Landing:Ty Du, near Tregeiroig SJ184340 witnessed by Medwyn Davies - tel 07815159201
Distance (Km) / Score:8.37 / 8.37
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:3800 50 mins
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Comments:The wind was generally east of north all day, and if one was going to get a decent flight, one had to make the best of it. The 'western woods' had worked well under similar circumstances in the past, and after watching Pete Cook make an amazing low save from the same area an hour or so before, when the wind cam on I and others took off and went straight there. The lift began as I approached the woods, and remained steady until I had reached something like 2500ft ATO. At one point I looked up the see two Red Kite circling higher above me, and a sailplane even higher! Stu and I drifted back with it, Stu taking a more southerly route (in retrospect, a better choice than mine! - one of these days I shall learn how to find the second thermal!) to max out at about 3800ft ASL as I flew past Glyn Cerriog village. Then it was just a downwind glide, to land at Ty Du farm, a little to the east of Tregeiriog. Once out on the road, a lift within one minute to Glyn Cerriog, where Pete Cook was buying ice lollies for his children after school, and kindly offered to drive me back to my car! Thanks, Pete, I owe you one!