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Flight Details

Pilot name:Stuart Lloyd
Glider:mac eden 3
Date / Time:2011-07-13 14:30:00
Takeoff: Llangollen witnessed by jerry
Landing:pontrobert SJ102128 witnessed by richard worley
Distance (Km) / Score:30.77 / 30.77
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:4500 120 mins
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Comments:climded out with jerry in broken lift and stayed with it jerry was low as we went over the ceriog valley so i carried on alone , this is the 3rd time i have headed to the gyrn and it worked agian lots of triggers and north faceing slopes ,twice i had low saves waiting in zeros 200ft above the ridges for the next bit of lift to come through , my luck ran out at pontrobert ,3 other pgs went over head richard worley landed a few feilds away and the other 2 went on to do 60k, It was late in the day so a 3 mile walk to the nearest busy road and lots of thumbing to get back with richard