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Flight Details

Pilot name:Ian Home
Glider:Gradient Montana
Date / Time:2011-06-03 13:20:00
Takeoff: Penycloddiau East witnessed by Steve Taylor
Landing:Bryn Rhyd-yr-arian SH966675 witnessed by Sheep mostly
Distance (Km) / Score:16.13 / 16.13
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:3670 47 mins
Flight track: Earth icon View or Fly in Google Earth™
Comments:Following Stuart L, Keith and Simon's departure across the Vale, Phil, Steve T and I caught the next decent cycle and departed. Each thermal seemed hard to really core even when well up towards cloudbase and we 3 spread out looking for the continuing lift. Phil headed off to the south of Denbigh while Steve and I worked and lost and refound thermals. Steve and I parted company over Denbigh quarry and I drifted on past Henllan finally gliding to the ground in a narrow valley cutting through high ground near Foel Fodiar. First car stopped for me after barely a minute on the road and would take me to Afonwen -no problem This Brian also picked up a tired Keith in Bodfari and took us both to the car park. What a star!