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Flight Details

Pilot name:Simon Wilson
Glider:Nova Artax
Date / Time:2011-06-03 12:20:00
Takeoff: Penycloddiau East witnessed by Stu
Landing:Llanwrst SH794621 witnessed by Dogwalker
Distance (Km) / Score:33.91 / 33.91
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:2700 120 mins
Flight track: Earth icon View or Fly in Google Earth™
Comments:Left Penny with Keith and Stuart, thermal became a bit broken and after 20 minutes or so Keith headed off N-ward, got no luck and must have been grounded. Stuart showed where the lift had gone and worked that for a bit until he headed off to Denbigh. Set off to follow and got a nice one N of Denbigh. Either I joined Stu or vice versa, shortly after Stu headed off but had no luck, landing under me in a field. Stuck with it for a while but lost it, then headed for a nice brown looking N-S ridge. Got a fast smooth thermal off the S end and thought I was going to cloudbase, but I was getting tired and lost it somehow. Headed for Llansannan, thinking I would land there, but got to the downwind side where there was an upslope, bumbled around and rewarded with a thermal from a few hundred feet which took me up to a nice height again. Headed NW for a patch of mist in the Conwy valley, got a thermal before I got there and fearful of the mountain winds I landed next to the Conwy in Llanwrst! Bus, 2 hitches and picked up by Stu, cheers!