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Flight Details

Pilot name:Stuart Lloyd
Glider:firebird raven
Date / Time:2011-04-24 15:00:00
Takeoff: Llangollen witnessed by cliff
Landing:llangollen SJ234403 witnessed by
Distance (Km) / Score:10.83 / 21.67
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:3500 45 mins
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Comments:cliff rowe kindly offerd me ago on his new wing so of i went i was soon high above t/0 with my arch rival keith colder he set of xc i was about to follow but i think cliff would be abit pissed of. so ipushed of up wind across the valley getting to the other side with loads of hight .ihad no vario but spotted ared kite shooting up in a lea side thermal which took me to the aquaducted it was just acase of getting back to t/o which i did with loads of hight left thanks cliff nice glider