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Flight Details

Pilot name:Keith Colder
Glider:Nivuik Peak
Date / Time:2011-04-24 15:00:00
Takeoff: Llangollen witnessed by Stu Bates
Landing:Near Rodney's Pillar SJ264180 witnessed by GPS
Distance (Km) / Score:22.55 / 22.55
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:3800 60 mins
Flight track: Earth icon View or Fly in Google Earth™
Comments:Llangollen was busy and working well - but no Cu :(Left a little later than hoped as firsr shot was aborted due to vario battery failure - doh!Left around 2800' with the climb gaggle dispersing in different direction. Went over the back into blue thermal land alone.......Wind behind on hill was well of to the West, but he sea breeze intothe CHester plain had set in and it was NE behind the hill as seen by a couple of small ground fires.Headed to the W of Oswestry and picked up a broken climb from Selatyn Hill, and thermals form Oswestry gave another similar climb. After then the sun was weakening and apart form small and weak stuff ended up just past the 4 Crosses and short of Rodneys Pillar. Easy landning into NE wind and had to get out of field quickly due to inquisitive calves!Stu Bates was ace retrieve and picked up the new and hungry XC hound Paul B on the way.First nice day of the year...must sort out my crap TO's