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Flight Details

Pilot name:Paul Burke
Glider:Ozone Rush2
Date / Time:2011-03-18 14:20:00
Takeoff: Llangollen witnessed by Jerry Hazzard
Landing:nr Rhydycroesau SJ257304 witnessed by Lee Fek/Graham Cummins
Distance (Km) / Score:10.18 / 10.18
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:4550 48 mins
Flight track: Earth icon View or Fly in Google Earth™
Comments:Took off and climbed up to cloudbase. Drifted downwind under a cloud till the lift stopped, then found some more lift a couple of kms downwind, but it soon fizzled out, went searching downwind for more lift but found none. Landed at the Old Racecourse near Rhydycroesau (SJ257304). Thanks for all the advice/encouragement/retrieval, it made for a very enjoyable XC flight.