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Flight Details

Pilot name:Steve Nash
Glider:NOVA Triton X
Date / Time:2010-04-11 13:30:00
Takeoff: Penycloddiau East witnessed by Selection of the North Wales Boys
Landing:Gorddinog nr Llanfairfechan SH667739 witnessed by GPS
Distance (Km) / Score:46.32 / 46.32
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:3287 153 mins
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Comments:Having watched Stu Lloyd very skillfully hook into a tasty thermal and not managing to connect with the bottom of it, I was rewarded with an unpleasant on off cycling of lift for the following hour. After several attempts to get away, including a collapse which really woke me up, I finally escaped with Graham C and Keith C.After the initial climb lost its energy, it was a gradual loss of height as we made it past Denbigh. The quarry to the west of the town came to my rescue initially but then that died off, leaving me pretty low until a pair of buzzards showed me a boomer that got me back in the game. Managed to get back up with Graham and we worked well together in the zeros over a fair amount of open moorland.As we approached the radio mast above Bodnant, I hoped we would connect with a lee side thermal as the ground drops off to the River Conwy. I got lucky and fought Mr Lee Side whilst Graham opted for this side of the river. Snowdonia was now within reach, so I was happy to drift up to Tal y Fan, but it is actually very shallow and most of the thermals were drifting horizontally. My plan was to get height here and jump across to Drum, which would put me on the backside of the Carnedds (which I know well). However the air was funneling between Tal y Fan and Drum, so despite my patience I did not think that it was possible to make the jump. I decided a rough downwind dash to the coast would reward me either another leesider or maybe some sea breeze convergence. Neither materialised, just lumpy horrible air that I was glad to get out of.Landed in a huge grassy field next to the A55, where Graham and Cheryl kindly picked me up from. Thanks to both of you.This feels like a nearly flight, as my objective was to fly into Snowdonia. Two bits of advice; if you want to connect with Snowdonia from Penycloddiau, set Dolgarrog in the GPS and don't fly any further North as you approach the Conwy valley. Second, be wary of entering the 3000ers if there is significant wind, as once you commit there's no easy way out!