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Flight Details

Pilot name:Keith Colder
Glider:Ozone Vulcan - large
Date / Time:2009-03-29 13:45:00
Takeoff: Moel yr Accre witnessed by Roger Pearce
Landing:Neston SJ286768 witnessed by Ben Gleave, Little Neston 07940 243280
Distance (Km) / Score:26.48 / 26.48
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:4000 120 mins
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Comments:Returned to the hill after a short XC into the "blue" to find conditions still good. Despite strong conditions at TO I bounced into the air (interesting TO!) Lots of small strong thermls were hard to work with strenthening wind. Vario battery gave up (S**T), radio was having a blond day (only gave ear ache) and gps batteries seeked empathy with the vario (B******Ks). Sloar vario on and got thermal weel in front climbed and drifted forever and ended up above the same quarry as I landed at 2 hours previously. Got a weak climb and hung on to cross Mold. On glide to A55 got rough lift (convergence between prevailing and sea breeze) drifted across Dee at new bridge and over meadows. Got zeros from convergence and landed at Neston. Not far from Clives back garden!. A 10 minute hike back to the Harp Pub! Stonking day!