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Flight Details

Pilot name:Tim Salter
Glider:Ozone Rush
Date / Time:2009-03-29 13:05:00
Takeoff: Moel yr Accre witnessed by Roger
Landing:Treuddyn SJ240565 witnessed by GPS
Distance (Km) / Score:8.01 / 8.01
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:2500 20 mins
Flight track: Earth icon View or Fly in Google Earth™
Comments:Watched everyone else leave the hill, then the sky seemed to improve, so launched. Over the back, it got pretty rough, at one point there was an updraught so strong it ripped open my velcroed airmap, lifted my instrument case up off my lap & smacked me in the face. It needed some pretty nifty brake work to keep the glider flying. Everything else after that was trying to keep away from lift that would have taken me into airspace, though in the end, I chose an area that was just a bit too wet, landing in a swamp near Treuddyn. Just after I landed, I had a call from Stu to say he'd got to the Wirral. Well done Stu!