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Flight Details

Pilot name:Keith Colder
Glider:Ozone Vulcan
Date / Time:2005-05-10 14:00:00
Takeoff: Llangollen witnessed by Steve Kynaston - from the air
Landing:Bryn coch Farm, Near Llanidloes SN998830 witnessed by Mrs Woodrow, OaksideDolwyn 01686 413907
Distance (Km) / Score:62.22 / 62.22
Max alt.(ft) and Duration:5600 175 mins
Flight track: Earth icon View or Fly in Google Earth™
Comments:Comments: Arrived at hill at 13.15 to find loads of cars and no pilots - b*****ds! Ran to take off and threw gear together but far too strong to take off - bigger b*****ds!! Stood ready - just in case there was a lul. There was a lul! Took off straight into a thermal and left the hill. Had a lot of fun on the way and landed 60 odd km later. Wicked sky and varied from weak to screaming (a 7m/sec climb - in the uk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Too tired to trype any more. Keith